This past year I had a tenant that really liked me and felt like he was doing me a favor by repairing a vent fan in the bathroom for me.  Unfortunately, he did not diagnosis the problem correctly and certainly didn’t fix the unit effectively, leaving it exposed to fire.  The bathroom fan was a little old and once awhile required a little oil to enable it to spin.  But when it stopped the tenant felt like it didn’t work and he should remove it.  So he ripped it out of the ceiling and because he didn’t want to buy a new one he went to the kitchen and ripped the fan out of the ceiling and moved it to the bathroom.  He manged to get it screwed into the bathroom and threw away the old fan.  But what he did next is what really put him at risk.  So now he had a  whole in the ceiling in the kitchen and a live wire.  So he did what any young kid would do and employed the ole, out of sight out of mind option.  He shoved the live uncovered wires back into the ceiling and stuffed some towels into the ceiling hole and then taped a plastic bag over the hole.

I was reminded that day of the value of regular inspections.

Fan Swap
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