This page was created to all you to review the functions and usage of the TenantHelp App. Register today to gain full access.



As you complete your Registration, also select the TenantHelp App Subscription. Once we receive your sign up, we complete a verification process. We will notify you of your approval within 24 hours. Only active Landlords are permitted to use the TenantHelp App.



Once you have been approved you can Login at

You can change your Profile details at any time. Browse to 



From the primary Landlord Dashboard you can review:

  • Tenant Roster
  • Submitted Tenant Applications
  • Tenants Invited to Apply
  • Inactive Tenant Roster

You can also:

  • Submit a Tenant Rating
  • Invite a Person to Submit an Application
  • Edit Tenants



Inviting a potential Tenant to complete an Application requires just one step. Click the button and enter their Email Address.

The potential Tenant will receive an email that looks like this.


When the potential Tenant clicks the custom link they see a quick webform to complete.


Once you have invited Tenant’s to complete an Application they will be listed on your Dashboard.



You can always ADD TENANTS directly to your Tenant Roster. This is a critical step as it allows you to track and manage your Tenants in one central place. And once added you have the ability to RATE your Tenants. This Rating Tool is intended to help you better succeed with your tenants. You can also Edit a Tenant at anytime.



Once a Tenant is included in your Roster you can click on the “Rate” link to add feedback about the Tenant at any time.


There is a unique link for each Tenant. For example, Each time you load the “Rate Page” you are given a random category to Rate the Tenant. You provide a 1-5 Star Rating for the Tenant for that particular day and have the option to provide a private Comment. The Tenant’s total Star Rating is an average of all the Rating Scores you have given them.

If you have a specific Rating Dimension you want to provide feedback for click the links provided to switch.

The goal of the Rating Tool is to record dozens of “Rating Moments” over the weeks so you have a better understanding of the Tenant’s success over time.