We have created a suite of tools specifically designed to help Landlords have successful Tenant experiences.

Our Landlord Tools include the following features:

  • Landlord Dashboard
    You can send Tenant Application requests, Manage Tenant Roster, and Submit Tenant Ratings.
  • Tenant Roster
    Keep track of all your Tenants in one place.
  • Tenant Rating
    Subscribe to our unique statistical Rating system to better understand your tenants over time.

Review our LandLord Dashboard User Guide

Registered Landlords receive our “Landlord Support” and are properly vetted to protect the integrity & privacy of our system.

Sign up with your Name and Email we will follow up with additional questions and send you an invitation email to complete your registration on TenantHelp.ca/app.

  • Ability to invite any person to complete your Tenant Application via email.
  • Landlord Dashboard with your applicants set to Invited, Pending, Inactive and Active.
  • Ability to Rate any Tenant on 5 key areas.

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Why is this awesome tool/app free?
Helping Landlords succeed started with us. We are also landlords. We needed a tool that would work. We want to help other Landlords.

Will is always be free?
Free is our introductory price. We want our users to prove its value. As an early adopter we will do everything possible to always keep it free for you.