There are dozens of reasons a person can turn in to a successful or great tenant. As a landlord some aspect you can spot early on in the relationship. Other issues can arise over time. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself.

  • Does the tenant have pets?
  • How long do you predict the tenant will stay?
  • How is the tenant’s overall sound level? Do neighbors ever complain?
  • Has the tenant left damage at exit of previous location?
  • Is the unit kept clean?
  • Do you observe damage in unit?
  • How much is the tenant paying for rent? What percentage of their income?
  • Has the tenant sublet without permission?
  • Did the tenant leave utilities unpaid?
  • Has tenant skipped a rent payment?
  • Is the tenant currently employed?

All people deserve an opportunity to be a great tenant. 

What makes a good tenant great?

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